12 Ways I Make Money Online (and You Can Too!)

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Written by Nikki Dee

Today let's talk about ways I make money online.

Since 2002, I have been in the make-money-online game. In that time, I have tried a little bit of everything, but there are a few ways that have endured.

These days I’m a blogger, author, and product creator, but there are still a few other ways that I also occasionally add a little coin to my purse.

While I cover a lot of ways to make money from home in this blog post, the question comes up a lot:

What are your favorite ways to make money online?

These 12 ways to make money online are the answer to that question.

My criteria for choosing these make money online opportunities meant that the business had to be:

  • Easy to Start
  • Require Very Little or No Upfront Costs
  • Require No Inventory
  • Allow You to Work When You Want
  • Can Be Done from Home with Nothing More Than a Computer

Why these criteria? Because they are the ones I use for myself to determine if a business idea is viable. I like to do things the easy way.  And if you are here reading this, I’m guessing you do too.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing can cover a wide variety of skill sets and services. For me, it means freelance writing and consulting. 

For you that could mean something different. There are dozens of skills that you can provide as a freelancer online. 

In my line of work alone, I work with freelance designers, freelance graphic artists, freelance web designers, freelance videographers, and even freelance social media managers.

There are tons of freelance opportunities out there, and you are sure to find a way to monetize just about any skill you have.

Websites like Fiverr allow you to offer your freelance services and find people to pay you for your services.  

There are also job boards in every category you can imagine helping you find work quickly and easily. These are great places to start any freelancing career.

2. Blogging

Blogging is one of my favorite online income streams for a few reasons. First, you can literally start a blog about any subject that you are interested in and monetize it.

Second, you can start a blog with very little money, no experience, and no idea what you are doing. 

Third, and most importantly, blogging is the cornerstone activity of most online businesses, making it a very valuable skill to have.

By starting a blog, you are creating a foundation for your business that reaches farther than your current goals can imagine.

You can monetize a blog with paid ads or by selling your own products or someone else’s. You can use a blog as a traffic source for just about any business you want to create.

A blog is both a stand-alone business and a great source of branding and traffic for any business, which gives you a way to expand beyond your wildest dreams. 

3. Author Ebooks

Almost every online income that I have involves writing of some sort. Aside from freelance writing and blogging, making money from Kindle publishing is a great way to use your wordsmith skills.

All you need is an ebook that you write and publish - fiction or non-fiction.  I write self-help books and fiction books alike.

In fact, this income source is so easy that my 10-year-old daughter recently published her first book on Kindle. 

4. Printables

Printables are an amazing way to make money online. They are fun to create and oh, so helpful to use. 

Plus they are an excellent way to make money from your blog. You can sell printables on your own website, on Etsy, or on Shopify.

Printables are a great stand-alone income or an addition to your current online income.

5. Multi-Level Marketing

Before you turn your nose up and click away from this post, let me explain.

We have all been the victim of those unwanted Messenger solicitations that start with “Hey, girl!” and end with an invitation to an online party.

That is not what I’m talking about.

Multi-Level Marketing, aka Network Marketing, is an excellent way to make money online. It gives you a ready-made business complete with products, support, and fulfillment All you have to do is sell.

It’s the selling that gets misunderstood and botched, though.

Sorry, MLMers, but it’s true.

The truly great part of network marketing is that anyone can do it. And if you do it the right way, you can create a great online income stream.

When you set up your network marketing business the right way - with a lead magnet that you promote and an automated backend sales system, you can create an amazing business that is almost “hands-off”. 

You simply need to run it like any other online business.

6. Coaching

Coaches exist in every area of life and business. You can create a business where you offer coaching sessions online or via phone.

Or you can do in-person sessions. When you teach someone how to solve their problems in a one-on-one or group setting, you can charge a lot of money to help people get results.

I offer coaching on a limited basis these days because I love the freedom of working when I want. 

However, when I did offer coaching services regularly, those were some of my most enjoyable experiences, making connections and getting to see the people that I was helping.

Coaching is a very rewarding income stream.

7. Content Marketing

Much like blogging, content marketing is the act of creating content that leads your audience to buy.

I do this for my own business and when I have freelance clients, this is often what they need from me.

Beyond blogging, content marketing includes articles that you write on spec, guest blog posts, social media posts, and even ebooks.

The key with content marketing is to make sure that you aren’t just creating tons of content. You want that content to have a purpose - to draw your audience in, to sell a product, to prove your usefulness.

8. Ghostwriting

I told you that most of my income streams involve writing.

Ghostwriting is basically any kind of writing that you get paid to write and once the content is published, your name is not on it.

Most people think of ghostwriting as book writing, but it isn’t confined to that.

I enjoy ghostwriting, but it is one of the more challenging ways to make money as a writer. Talented ghostwriters specialize in finding out exactly what the client wants and then taking someone else’s ideas and creating a finished product. 

9. Low Content Publishing

This category of publishing has reached wild levels of popularity in recent years.  It is a great income stream for your business because of the relatively small amount of work involved in creating the products.

Low content publishing just refers to creating journals, ledgers and blank page books that you sell on Amazon, Etsy, or Shopify.

All you have to create is the cover and the interior material (if any) and hit publish.

I really love low content publishing as an addition to other forms of income. 

10. Affiliate Marketing

Let’s talk about affiliate marketing. This is basically building your own business by selling other people’s products for a commission.

You get paid every month just for suggesting products to your audience.

When you become an affiliate marketer, your main objective is to create an audience that you can help and then tell them about products and services that solve their problems.

Throughout this website, you will see links to products and websites that are not mine. I didn't create them.

But every time someone buys a product that I recommend, I get paid. I only recommend products that I use and love, and I try to be very transparent about which products are mine and which are not.

Helping others find the products that they need to build a business, make money online, get organized and live the life of their dreams is one of my favorite things.

11. E-commerce

Ecommerce is a great way to make money online but to be clear, it can be difficult to do without any investment. 

That doesn’t mean that it can’t be done, but you have to be more resourceful and strategic. Selling things online - whether physical products that you make, products you find and dropship or digital products you create - can be a great income source.

It is the way that I make money with planners, printables, and merchandise.

So, definitely consider this if you are looking for a business that lets you get your crafty-ness on.

12. Copywriting

Again with the writing, I know! But copywriting is its own animal. Copywriting is writing that sells. And learning that skill will fill your pockets.

Every online business - yours and everyone else's - needs words that sell. You can use copywriting skills to write sales letters, email sequences and advertisements for your business or you can write for clients.

Copywriting can take some time to learn, but it is well worth learning how to sell with your words even if you don’t list it on your resume.

Now you know. You have all the tools that you need to find the right business for you.

There is one last thought that I want to leave you with: The only thing that stands between you and making money online is DECIDING to do it.

Now, it’s decision time.

Are you going to keep clocking in at work, killing yourself for two weeks of vacation a year, and barely paying your bills?

Or are you going to take that big, scary leap out into the unknown where all your dreams are waiting?

Choose Your dreams.

You can do this!

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