Hi, I'm Nikki Dee!

Welcome to my corner of the digital world where I help moms just like you love their motherhood.

This is a blog for bold moms who want to love everything about their lives. Don't get me wrong.... that doesn't mean there won't be hard days and dirty dishes. But it does mean that you should create a life that makes you happy.

I spent way too long in my life doing things I thought I was supposed to do based on what the world told me a mom looked like.

Now I spend my days working from home, homeschooling my kids and laughing with my husband who just so happens to be my best friend. 

My floors are almost never clean because I have four dogs and two cats - oh yeah, and kids. So many kids. One time I folded all of my laundry at the same time and realized we don't have enough drawers, so since then I subconsciously avoid having all my laundry put away. I love to cook and write. And I've recently discovered the joys of going out in public without makeup on.

But I have grown to love my "imperfections" and to truly embrace the things that matter to me and my family. In doing that, I found so much joy. 

I still yell sometimes, and if I haven't had enough sleep there's a good chance I'll cry irrationally. That's just who I am.

A few years back I learned that I'm not the only mom who isn't perfect, and I started this blog to help other moms realize just how good life is when you aren't trying to be perfect.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but I do hope that I can be inspiring to you if you have ever felt like motherhood was trying to drown you.

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I hope you find amazing resources, humor and a shoulder to lean on here. I love to hear from you, so drop a comment below, follow my social links and lets be friends. 

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