Hey There!

I’m Nikki Dee and I just wanted to write you a little love note about this website and what you can expect to find here.

As you probably know, I am a blogger, mom and business owner. One of the ways that I make money on this website, www.nikkideewoods.com is with affiliate marketing.

I strive to always recommend products that I love and use myself. Occasionally, I suggest a product that I may not have used myself but have heard GREAT first-hand reviews from friends about. When that happens, I will absolutely let you know. I like to give my friends a shout-out when they recommend products to me and my audience.

I spend a lot of time and energy working on the information contained on this website and in my printables. I also aim to give you as much free information as possible.

However, I am a business owner and making money is one of the goals of this website.

As an affiliate marketer, I include links to affiliate products and services that I recommend. When you click on these links and purchase, I receive a commission from the company that you purchased from at no extra charge to you.

This helps me make money here at nikkideewoods.com.

Not every link that I put on this website is an affiliate link, but just to be safe always assume that all links that leave nikkideewoods.com and take you to another website are affiliate links. And likewise, expect that I earn a commission on anything you purchase through a link on this website.

As you navigate my website, assume that I have an affiliate relationship with all of the products and services that I discuss and link to, and that as a result assume that I will be compensated for recommending all products and services.

If you have any questions about a specific product, my relationship with a company or this affiliate disclosure, you can always email me at support@nikkideewoods.com and I’m happy to clarify.