Best Blogging Resources

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Whether you are ready to start your first blog, or just looking for ways to organize, grow and market your existing blog, these resources are the ones I recommend.

Learn to Blog

How to Start a Blog

Beginner's Guide

Check out my blog post that helps you get started - everything you need to set up your blog from beginning to monetization. Blogging is a never-ending learning curve, but it helps to have someone talk you through the basics as a beginner.

Blog By Number

Blog by Number Ebook

Suzi's ebook is an awesome resource that digs deep and helps you start a blog without missing any crucial steps. Starting a blog can be overwhelming. It is awesome to have someone to walk you through the process, hold your hand and tell you exactly what you need to do.

Ready Set Blog for Traffic

Ready, Set, Blog for Traffic

This course helps you get traffic to your blog. Because we all know that without traffic, your blog is just a hobby. It is so worth it to invest some money into figuring out exactly how to drive traffic to your blog.

Website Hosting


For website hosting and buying domain names, I use Namecheap. I have tried other hosting companies and for my needs, nothing else compares. It is fast, secure and has absolutely everything I need. Plus, you can't beat the price.

Wordpress Themes and Plugins

Thrive Themes

One of the things that always frustrated me about trying to build a website was making all of the elements work together. Since started using Thrive Themes, my business and my life are so much easier. Now I have everything that I need and an amazing knowledge base to help me set up every part of my blog and business.



This is my autoresponder and so much more. It has so many integration options, segmentation and it goes way beyond email lists. You can create webinars, stores and publish an entire sales funnel. It's the best.




Tools to boost your online visibility and help you reach your SEO goals.

1120 Keywords for Ranking

1120 Keywords for Ranking

Need some awesome ideas to rank for keywords? This resource is a great go-to for sparking your imagination and inspiring more in-depth keyword research.

Images & Design



From blog post featured images to Pinterest images, Canva is the go-to resource of smart bloggers. Canva is so versatile and I absolutely love that I can keep track of all of my marketing and branding material right in the online platform.


The Blogging Binder

The Best Blogging Binder Ever

When I first started blogging, I very quickly got overwhelmed with how much information there is to keep track of - passwords, ideas, assets, plans. I tried a few different blogging binders but never really found one that did everything I needed. So, I created my own.

Looking for something else? Check out more great resources here.