Creating a Homeschool Daily Schedule That Works for You

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Written by Nikki Dee

Here is a plan that can help you create a homeschool daily schedule that works for you. And will keep you organized.

I’ve tried it all the ways and the best thing you can do is plan homeschool first in your day.

This doesn’t mean you have to be dressed and ready with the children fed and wearing shoes (unless that’s how you want things to go).

This just means, the further down the daily to-do list you put homeschool the more chaotic your life will feel.

Homeschool Daily Schedule Tips

  1. Put in place a morning routine. This is what you do, every day, when you climb out of bed. Get up at the same time (if possible) each day. Feed the kids, animals and yourself…etc… The goal is to have a pattern here so that everything is done that needs to get done.
  1. You can have morning chores if you want as well.  Using a chore chart is most helpful. There’s one in the Homeschool Binder. Be sure to display this and offer incentives for doing a good job. More so, you need to schedule it. The better off you are with scheduling these items, the more successful you will be at getting them done.
  1. Determine your homeschooling hours. This is a completely flexible option. Some families, such as those who have parents that work, will homeschool in the afternoons and evenings. Others get it done in the morning. The key here is to know when it is going to get done. Make this consistent from one week to the next. (My two cents, especially with young kids, is do it in the morning if at all possible – but you already know that)
  1. Determine which days of the week you will homeschool. This can be flexible. Some families like to homeschool (curriculum based) four days per week and then they spend Fridays with field trips, projects, hands on activities and even socialization activities. This is up to you, but again try to make it consistent.
  1. Be sure to let everyone know what is happening, including your friends and family. That way, they know that they cannot just drop by to talk or that you are unable to talk during homeschooling hours. This is a time saver for most families.

This should help you to organize virtually the entire day for you and your family to homeschool.

Keep in mind, though, that homeschooling is flexible. That means that if you need to take a day off here and there, you can.

More so, if you find your child needs more practice, you can extend the day to accommodate that or pick up an extra day.

Setting Up a Homeschool Daily Schedule

Setting up a homeschool daily schedule does not have to be difficult to do. Follow these tips to help you.

  1. Choose the time you will start and stop for the day.
  2. Give yourself a lunch break and perhaps an additional recess (run around the backyard) break.
  3. Notice any tasks for the day that will need to take more time. Whenever there is something demanding of your attention, be sure it is done at a time when your child is able to get your full attention. Let younger kids nap, for example, during this time.
  4. If you have more than one child, organize the activities so that while one child is working on assignments hand in hand with you, the others are working silently on their tasks.
  5. Be sure to work on the more complex topics when kids are most focused, usually during the morning hours. This may include math, science, and reading activities.
  6. Save those fun activities for the afternoons. It can help to wake them up and get them excited again.
  7. Some families do list subjects in the order they will teach them to completely flesh out the day.
  8. Give your kids a break afterschool to allow them to unwind and relax. That way, they do not see school as such a chore but a fun experience that they look forward to.

Perhaps the most important aspect of homeschooling is your ability to be flexible.

You may find that you need to alter the schedule so that one child gets more attention during their math period.

You may not be able to concentrate or the kids may be tired from a late night. Changing up your schedule can help to accommodate for all of these needs in an organized fashion.

Try out different schedules until you find one that works for you and for your family.

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