Homeschool Tips for a Fun and Productive Year

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Written by Nikki Dee

These homeschool tips will help you have a fun and productive year while still accomplishing your homeschool goals.

As you get started with homeschooling, realize that sometimes you just need to step away for a minute, take a deep breath and then get back to the tasks at hand. At the end of the day, it is you and your family that you are benefiting by homeschooling.

At the beginning, frustration and overwhelm are sure to be part of your day, every day. But, soon, things will get more organized and you will be well on your way to a happy process, especially when you keep at it.

With that in mind, you may find yourself drifting away from the original plans from time to time. You may need a bit of motivation to keep you on track. Use these homeschool tips to help.

Teaching Tips

A few teaching tips that can help you to get through those difficult times can be important.

  1. Remember that every child learns in a unique way. They likely learn differently than you did. The goal you have is to find the best way to teach your child, which may mean exploring several different types of learning methods. Be open to doing so, realizing that not just one way works for everyone.
  1. Believe that your child can do this. The more confidence you show to your child, even when things get difficult, the more successful they will be. At the end of the day, this confidence is what will help your child to do well. It will also help you to stay focused on the goals. It can be very difficult at times, but the outcome is well worth the struggle.
  1. Do not be too hard on yourself! It is not your teaching skills or your lack of organization that is causing your frustration. Homeschooling takes time to get right. Give yourself some time to overcome some of the initial fears and worries and then be confident in your abilities. Your child is counting on you to be positive, motivating and confident.
  1. Be sure that self esteem and confidence building is done. You need to work to keep your child positive, even when they are struggling. This may mean trying a different learning method or even trying to approach the subject in a different manner. The key here is to focus on building their self esteem through every opportunity you get.
  1. Early learning can be a drawback for some children! Some families want to start homeschooling their children at a very young age. While this may be good for some kids, it can limit their time to build key skills that you do not learn from a textbook, such as pretend plan and motor skills.

Whatever you do, do not compare your child or your skills to those of other parents. You will only continuously find flaws in yourself in this way!

Keeping Kids Interested

With homeschooling, like any other type of educational pattern, it can become very easy to be bored. Boredom can come from several things, including not being challenged enough to not doing enough reinforcing activities.

To keep kids interested make things change. Instead of focusing on just one topic for the day, explore something different. You may want to change up the pattern and instead of learning about something from a textbook, you will do an experiment.

Another way to keep kids motivated with their education is to ask their opinion and to let them explore areas that they enjoy the most. For example, your child loves art. You spend some time each week working on crafts, but it seems like that is all they want to do. Change things up. For example, if you are learning about animal habitats, allow them to mesh their science and art lesson together and create a bird’s next.

If you run out of ideas, ask for help with your support groups. They are sure to have tips and tricks for your unique situation.

Handing Homeschool Struggles

As your child gets older, you are sure to find things that become difficult for both of you. This can become frustrating for each of you. Here are some tips to help you through difficult learning topics or confusion.

  • Use your support group to help educate you, so that you can in turn help your child. That is why they are there and there will come a time when you can help them out, too.
  • If your child is doing very well, you may be unable to teach him or her advanced subjects. In these situations, look for a tutor that can do so. You may even find that they can come to your home to help you in this way.
  • Learn together. If you are struggling, find resources online to help both of you to learn together.

Struggling through harder subjects can be difficult but with the help of your support ground and resources, you should be able to make it through.

Exploring Media

Today’s homeschooling parent has plenty of things to keep them busy with their child. You do not have to surround yourself with just textbooks. Some parents even use totally online learning curriculums for their child and then do the homework with them in person.

Explore your options here. If you feel that adding computers to your child’s education will help them to get what they need, then allow that. Take the time to review these programs as you would any other. More so, realize that just because they are online does not mean that you are not part of the educational process. You can sit right beside them and education them. That is what most of these programs recommend!

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