Ultimate Checklist for Starting a Successful Online Business

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Written by Nikki Dee

Starting an online business changed my life. Which is exactly why I am so passionate about helping other moms who want to do the same get all the information and resources they need.

Being a business owner while you raise a family isn't easy, but it is so worth it.

This guide walks you through what you need to do to start your own online business, framed as a checklist.

If you need additional resources, those are available here too.

Let's jump right in....

Get Your Mind Right

Nothing you do in business, motherhood, or life will matter if what's between your ears is sabotaging you. 

Part of being successful is KNOWING that you can be successful and ALLOWING yourself to be.

Here are your action steps and a few tips for getting this step-down.

Say Nice Things to Yourself

Write out " I am" statements about the person that you want to be.   " I am successful" etc.  And read them to yourself every day.

Read Things that Help You Grow

Books, blogs, magazines... doesn't matter where you find your inspirational material, finding ways to feed your mind & soul daily are essential to your success.

Some of my favorites:

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein

A Happy Pocket Full of Money by David Cameron Gikandi

Take a Brain Break

Meditate. Seriously, it's not new-age voodoo. It's an essential part of brain development and success... give your mind time to relax every day. Use guided meditations for beginners to help you get started.

Know Who You Want to Be

Create a manifesto. Write out exactly who you want to be as a mom, business owner, and wife. You have to know where you're going to get there.

Forget the " how" just write out the big picture of where you want to be in a year, five years, whatever floats your boat.

Do a Daily List

Create a daily list of 3 things that you want to accomplish - even the smallest actions checked off a list, give you a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

Release Your Trauma

Okay, so that's a bit heavy for a  checklist item, but we as women ( as humans, really) all have some " trauma" in our past that keeps us thinking we aren't worthy to have what we were created for... Spoiler alert: you were created for abundance.  

Google it, read about it, YouTube it, or message me and we will figure out how to help you release what's holding you back.

Do it all Again

Mindset is a daily, ongoing project. Do it all. Then do it all again.

Choose Your Business

It doesn't matter what you sell - products, knowledge, or services - as long as it's something that resonates with YOU.

Here is the step-by-step to choose your perfect passive income stream.

Brainstorm Your Passions

What are you passionate about?  Make a list of at least 100 things.  Could be crocheting, marketing or Jesus.

Knowing what resonates with you is the goal.

Brainstorm Your Knowledge Base

Now brainstorm what you know enough about to teach someone else. Forget about being expert level.

Concentrate on what you know more than the average person about. Writing, stain removal, decorating, baby whispering...

Brainstorm Your Talents

What do you do well? Write, help others get grants, remember orders for all 6 of your family members at a restaurant.   

If you currently work, maybe you have talents tied to your job too.   List everything.

Mush Them Together = Instant Biz

The place where your talents, knowledge, and passions intersect is your sweet spot of genius.

This is the place where you will find a passive income stream you will never get tired of.

Decide What You Want to Sell

Do you want to sell products (t-shirts, books, weight loss pills), services (writing, marketing, coaching), or knowledge (online courses you create from scratch).

Plan Your Products & Sales Structure

Decide or determine (if you are selling affiliate or MLM products) what you will sell and for how much.

Market Research in a Paragraph

Whatever you decide to sell, Google it, search it on Amazon and YouTube. The idea is to make sure that:

  • people are interested in what you offer and
  • that they will pay to get it.

Niche It Up

To be successful online, you have to stand out.

That doesn't mean that your products have to be different (plenty of people make millions selling MLM and affiliate products).

It means that YOU have to be different. Here' s how....

Know Who You Sell To

Trying to sell to everyone will only get you confused and failing. Choose a group of people to target. Stay- at- home- moms, men with beards, dog owners... you get the idea.

Know How You' re Different

Know what makes you stand out. Are you someone who has tried what you' re selling and it worked? Are you a dietician who has specialized knowledge? 

Why are you qualified to sell this product (tap into your talents/ knowledge base research).

Think Cutesy, Grotesque or Obscene

Ok, not that over the top. But you want to create a brand that stands out. Think of terms that stand out when naming your business, your products or your Facebook group.

Gather Your Tribe

Want to be wildly successful online... you MUST have people who buy things from you.

But more than that, they have to be a tribe that wants everything you produce and gives you their credit card info to get it. Give them a place to gather.

Create a Facebook Group

Rally your tribe in a Facebook Group where you give them free information and tips.

Having a central location to send everyone to is essential.

Start an Email List

From Day One of your business, getting the email addresses of those who are interested in what you sell is ESSENTIAL.

Keep every email you ever get and invest in an autoresponder like Getresponse ASAP to help you stay in contact with them.

Have a Website

Even a one- page or blog- style website gives your tribe a place to go to find out more about you.

There are lots of ways to build your website for cheap or free. I use WordPress and even though it took a little bit of learning, I absolutely love it.

I talk all about how I set up my website in this post.

Tell Everybody About Your Tribe

Post on social media in case you have “friends" who want to join your tribe. Spread the word through your warm market, in groups online and anywhere that you can.

Have a Goal

Everything that you post should have a goal. Every blog post, social media post, YouTube video, every piece of content you put out should have ONE GOAL: get the right people to join your tribe.

Give All the Value

The easiest way to make your tribe love you and BUY FROM YOU is to give them valuable information for FREE.

This doesn't have to be complicated and it doesn't mean you have to give away everything you know. The goal is to demonstrate what you know and how you help people.

Create a Freebie

One great way to get people's email addresses is to promise them value. A free report, checklist, training, recipe.   Whatever you sell, find a way to give some simple, free value related to it.

Post on Social Media

Post daily on social media with live videos, memes, posts, and pictures that inspire and give value to your ideal customers (your tribe). 

Email Your List

The purpose of getting all those email addresses is to be able to connect with your audience. Email them free value regularly.

Start a Blog

Writing blog posts or posting vlogs on YouTube is a great way to demonstrate your expertise. You can also do this with a podcast.       

Be Generous

The more you give to people, the more they will know your expertise and what you are capable of helping them with.

And they will know that if your free content is as good as  it is, then your paid content

Sell Your Thing(s)

Now is the moment that you've been dreading.... sales time. But the reality of it is that if you have done the other five steps right, you won't have to actually " sell" anything.

You just make offers to your tribe to work with you, buy something to accelerate their results, or hire you.

Have a Value Ladder

Create a series of products (information products, physical products, services) that you sell for a variety of different price points. Using more than one kind of product gives you greater potential for income too.

Give a Bonus

No matter what you sell, offering a bonus always sweetens the deal. The more expensive the product, the more bonuses you can create.

Upsells and Downsells

Use your email list to constantly make offers to your tribe. If they buy from you, offer them a higher-priced item as a one-time offer.        

If they don't buy you can offer them a lower-priced item to entice them.  There are even programs online that can help you automate this.

Sell with Your Content

As you create content online (blogs, posts, etc) keep in mind what products, services, and info you sell. Always work toward getting people into your tribe and letting your tribe know you sell things.

Ultimate Checklist to Start an Online Business

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