What to Do When Homeschool Gets Lonely

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Written by Nikki Dee

Homeschool can get lonely, both the isolation from others and the weight of planning, scheduling and implementing your child's entire education system.

Luckily, there are resources that can help.

If you have been homeschooling for more than a few weeks, you may begin to feel lonely.

Or you may notice signs of loneliness in your children. Often this is the result of transitioning out of a classroom environment where they are constantly surrounded by others.

Some of this will pass with time. But there are some things you can do to help.

Without a doubt, homeschooling is a large responsibility and it is one that can take a lot out of you.

The first weeks can be the most difficult until you get a pattern down and a curriculum that you can really work within place. Still, throughout this process, you will have questions and concerns.

Most people do. This is a new experience, one with a number of different ups and downs to account for.

It will not be easy but it can be made a bit better if you simply invest in getting some help for your situation.

Homeschooling help for moms and dads is available through a number of methods.

Your situation is unique, so reach out to those sources of aid available to you. Just, do not be afraid to ask for help.

Connect with Other Homeschool Parents

There are many sources of great information and help with homeschool but perhaps none of them is as good as the help that you will get from other homeschool parents.

They have been there. They are working in the trenches alongside you. For this reason, do take the time to contact and work with other parents who are homeschooling.

Most people are not sure where to find others who are homeschooling.

What you may not realize is that there are traditionally many people in most American cities that homeschool, probably more people than you realize are involved in the process.

Not sure where to look?

  • Join online groups specific to your location
    This is a great way to organize playdates, field trips and socialization time in your local area. Simply Google or search Facebook for “homeschool + your area”
  • Contact your local churches
    Even if you are not a member of the church, chances are good there is a group of homeschooling parents there. Contact them and ask them to join.
  • Talk to neighborhood associations
    Especially in areas that are mostly residential, you will surely find several parents that are homeschooling. If your area has a neighborhood association, this is a great place to find families that are homeschooling.
  • Talk to your local library and even your community recreation center
    These facilities often offer homeschooling groups and some even sponsor activities for homeschooling families. If you have been hoping to find others to share your time with, this can be one of the best options for you. For those parents who do not feel comfortable with just picking up the phone and calling someone, try attending a homeschooling meeting at these local facilities instead.

Most areas do offer homeschooling support groups. These groups are simply made up of local families who are homeschooling their children.

You can find them listed in phone books, in your newspaper or even through local websites and organizations.

If you are still having trouble finding them, contact your local Chamber of Commerce or City Hall to learn about these groups.

Get Homeschool Help Online

For some parents, it is the need for instant information and the need for contact communication that drives them to the Internet to find homeschooling help.

The good news is that these are some of the best resources for information, news, and just a helping hand that you will find.

There are hundreds of homeschooling groups available throughout the web, all of which allow you to connect and get to know them.

You may not have time to organize a play date, but you may have time to get online and talk to other moms and dads around the country (or even the world) that are going through what you are.

There are also many forums that you may wish to visit online that offer a place for you to talk and ask questions.

A simple search is a good way to find these groups.

What Can Homeschool Support Do For You?

You may be wondering just how much support you can get from these groups.

Online, you will be able to ask virtually any question you may have and have an answer to it.

Locally, sometimes just picking up the phone to talk is all that is needed.

But, beyond this, there are some key benefits to using support groups, local moms and online homeschooling groups.

  1. If you are unsure how to tackle a tough topic in your curriculum, you have other homeschooling mothers and fathers to brainstorm with. This is an excellent way to work through any curriculum challenges that you may have.
  1. Local groups are fantastic for socialization. And for the sanity of the homeschool parent – it’s not just the kids who need socialization after all.
  1. Plan outings and educational, hands on activities together with other local parents. This can help you and your children to learn the needed information but to do it in a fun way. When you bring two or three other children into the picture, they can also learn to work in teams and to communicate well.
  1. Support groups can help you with meeting requirements for your state. You will find both online and offline support groups, forums and message boards are a great way to stay informed and to get help regarding the laws associated with homeschooling. Who else knows better than someone else does who is dealing with it.
  1. Encouragement and guidance are two areas that are areas that most homeschooling parents struggle with from time to time, as their children grow and learn. What you will find is that with online support groups as well as local support groups, there is always someone there that understands and can help you through those more challenging experiences.

All homeschool parents will need help from time to time, no matter how organized they are.

Homeschooling support groups and online forums are one of the best ways to obtain this type of help and guidance.

Do not overlook the importance of incorporating support structures within your homeschooling days.

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What to Do When Homeschool Gets Lonely

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